Frustration of Preparing Speech Draft


I am so stuck in preparing my speech.

It’s my first public speech in NYC, to almost all strangers (ok, even people I know). Hard to pretend being easy to know 24 people are coming and somehow looking forward to the speech. The expectation burden, because I really want to make it good.

How not to be cocky of what I’ve achieved but also go through the experience to show my progress? How to find out something valuable? My mind is chaotic.

Having a hard time go through the whole experience of my project, try to put segments together, find out the clue. I sorted out all the milestones of my project, but not sure what people want to know.

Having hard time to dig into myself and ask what motivate me to do what I was doing. Try not to choke people with insights.

I tried to go through what I was doing since an earlier age, it’s fun but heavy. 

Lots of things in my mind that I try to capture but feel burden. Maybe I am overthinking again.

Public speaking is hard but we know you’ll do a great job, Sunnie!


Recently, at my spring internship in usability testing, I had the opportunity to see first hand how people respond to strict form entry (in this case, creating a new recipe with several components). Though I shouldn’t be, I was surprised to see that people were generally really excited by the constraints of form entry. It gave them a sense of direction for structuring what can be complicated process. 

Now if only I could get my users to create some experiences….


We were planning to launch this weekend, or early next week. Gary kicked us into launching sooner.

So… we scrambled together a video, reconfigured our rewards based on feedback, and pushed the button just under 24 hours ago.


Congrats on launching, Sam!


A card game for the smartphone savvy, ‘Game of Phones' was created by Luke Stern and Sam Wander for their Entrepreneurial Design course. Annoyed by the constant presence of smartphones in social settings, they used the devices technical capabilities for a group game that banishes…



Cat is a creative talent chef who is based in New York. She finds most of her inspiration through traditional ditches around the world. She believes that It is important to deeply understand the culture of each traditional dishes before re-creating a recipe.

Cat wanted to share her recipe online, so I share her with my experience of how to use the network to see how people respond to my ideals.  Cat started to post videos of her cooking process on Instagram. 


The first video she posted (Chinese Buns), she got 29 likes. 

imageThe second video she posted (Turkey Fried Buns), she got 35 likes.


The third video she posted (Cronuts), she got 78 likes.

She started having more followers and more likes after. She is very excited to see how people respond to it.  

Mikey mentored a chef friend on how to use Instagram to build up a following, with really impressive results. And a cronut recipe!


Last semester, the first year students in SVA’s IxD took a class titled “Slow Code.” In this course we explored various coding languages to achieve a wide variety of outcomes. While it was extremely challenging and, at times, mind numbing to retrain our brains to think this way, I feel that every…

Luke and Sam are putting together a coding workshop for SVA!

Cost, Quality, & Decisions


After considering production cost, shipping, packing supplies, web hosting cost, etc. I’ll have to charge $60 per Unconnect in order to make any profit. To add to that, I’ll have to sell 100 devices to make my first $1000. I have a few ideas that could lower my costs, but they mostly depend on the manufacturer to take on more responsibility, but at no extra cost.

Another issue is the quality of the Unconnect. If I’m setting a high price point there will be certain expectations in quality. There are some minor improvements that need to be made on the production side. I haven’t spoken to manufacturer about this, but if I go forward with creating an online store, he’ll need to make some improvements to how the Unconnect is made. 

I really have no idea how he’ll respond to these suggestions. I also don’t know if I want to pursue this any further. It’s not making sense financially, and my fear, and most likely scenario is a financial loss.

Regardless, I’m continuing to reach out to bloggers and people who share the same views on the topic of relationships and phone behavior in order to promote the concept and thinking behind the Unconnect. I’m proud of the project and the work I put into it, and it will be nice to see people’s reaction to a more flushed out product.

Compromises about quality and cost are a tough but necessary part of every design project.

Labor Network



I was looking for someone can help me do some research about blogs where I can do promotion. So Sneha introduced Elizabeth to me. 

After a few emails, she quickly understands the purpose of this task. And finish the task in 2 hours. The results turned out very well. Now I have a list of 40 blogs relating to my projects to contact.

Flight Instruments




For aviation enthusiasts who want to learn more about cockpit interfaces and flight instruments!

More about this project here!



Despite my initial hesitation to source out any work that was directly related to a project I was so heavily invested in (I was afraid I’d lose control on the quality and style), there were so many benefits to asking for help.  For one thing, I had always been very insecure about my writing skills, so in sourcing this part out to someone who clearly knew what they were doing in that area, I got to stop worrying about that and focus on doing the stuff that I knew I was good at.  Secondly, it gave me the opportunity to get another architecture student’s opinions on the type of content that would be covered in the descriptions.   Lastly and perhaps most importantly, it gave me some time back to myself, which was crucial to helping me regain a sense of focus and enthusiasm for my Kickstarter campaign.   There’s such a thing as getting so overworked to the point where everything you do just becomes sucky or useless and that’s probably what happened to me.  In being able to check out for a bit and indulge myself in scandalously good TV drama, I woke up the next day a happier person with more energy and a clearer mind to tackle on the problems I had previously dreaded and avoided head on.

Michie had a great experience outsourcing some work out to a copywriter, saving valuable time and energy for herself!